BMH is prepared, through their actions, to show you their commitment and dedication to building the home just as YOU envisioned. Their dedication is not what others expect; it is what they expect of themselves.

BMH has spent years perfecting the custom home experience. Possessing years of combined industry experience, they are innovative and well-versed in building a diverse portfolio of home designs that range from Traditional, European, Native Texas, and many more.

If you can dream it, they can build it. They are also proven leaders in sustainable construction techniques, which has allowed them to sit on several key committees that influence sustainable building practices. From an initial lifestyle meeting, hiring the best trades, and instituting the best systems for quality assurance, clients will see that the BMH team is detail-oriented, focused, efficient, and DILIGENT about creating an outstanding home.

BMH is not just a builder. They are a friend listening to your ideas and input, and helping to guide you seamlessly through the entire process of building your home.

The same excellence they demand of themselves is equal to that of what they demand of the trade partners who are involved in building your home. They strive to proactively solve challenges that may arise, by communicating and keeping you informed, so that there is never a question about whether you can DEPEND on the BMH team.

BMH believes that the key to success is delivering an amazing client experience. They value their client’s time, so they have developed a process that is simple and straightforward, while allowing for flexibility, feedback, and synergy.

The entire team is personable, energetic, and innovative. As a result, clients will often comment on how surprised they are at how much fun (yes, that is correct) they are having throughout the process of building their home. At BMH, the client experience is rewarding, engaging, and DYNAMIC.