Utilization and re-use of natural resources. Recycling waste wherever and whenever practical. Educating our clients on all aspects of their home.

In many cases, larger custom homes find it more difficult to achieve extraordinary energy ratings without spending an inordinate amount of extra money on the construction of the home. Through the tireless commitment of the BMH team, including earning multiple certifications, participating in continuing educational training, as well as performing as a Subject Matter Expert for Austin Community College to lead the curricula for their Sustainable Building Management degree, the team’s commitment continues to impact the performance of a Brad Marshall Home.

Recently, BMH achieved one of the highest honors in Austin, achieving a 5 Star rating in Austin Energy’s Green Building Program in a home that tipped the scale at over 6,100 square feet. Impressive also in another home, through simple planning and adhering to certain design principles, they achieved a rating of 4 Stars on a home in excess of 4,500 square feet, with virtually no added cost to achieve the rating.

In every case, homeowners will enjoy the fruits of this effort by realizing lower energy bills and the comfort of knowing their high-performance home was built to pass down for generations to come.