This is the best part – the build of the client’s home. The basis of building a superior luxury home begins with what lies between the walls. Hundreds of significant features are located beneath the surface of our homes that add value and provide long-lasting enjoyment.

BMH goes to great lengths to ensure that every home they build is not only energy-efficient, but surpasses the standard requirements at which many home builders are still building today. Each home is independently engineered, so that structurally, each home is a solid master piece in its own right.

The BMH team is stringent about the quality of the building materials that are used to build their homes. They demand highly-skilled workmanship from all of their trade partners. These are just a few examples of how Brad Marshall Homes will work overtime to surpass your expectations.

Clients will meet with the BMH construction team, building superintendent, and designer to walk-through the plans and specifications to partner and review their expectations prior to beginning the second phase of building their home.

They believe it is important in having all of their clients meet the extended team of Brad Marshall Homes, as they want the client to feel comfortable with every person involved in building their home.


Clients will meet with the designer to review the selection of their cabinets, flooring, countertops, appliances, fixtures, paint colors, exterior stone selections, and roof selection.

The BMH design team will partner with clients to help ensure their personal touches are incorporated in every aspect of the home, while at the same time providing insight and recommendations, as needed.

Clients are encouraged to be involved as much or as little at they would like. BMH has all types of clients who have a diverse set of circumstances. In some cases, clients may be out of state – not a problem.

The BMH team keeps clients informed on the construction process via their incredibly convenient online project management system.

Clients will have full access to the project tracker and will know at all times where they are in the build process.