Just like an artist in search of painting a beautiful canvas, Brad Marshall Homes is committed to help clients design a home of beauty and elegance. There are abundant possibilities when building a custom home, or even a semi-custom home, and it is important to find a builder willing to invest time in getting to know their client’s needs, wants, and expectations. Take a closer look at what is involved in step two.

Designing your home is a collaborative process.  The team at BMH are experts in the latest trends in home design and have a team of professionals who represent decades of building industry experience.

The BMH team begins by working with their clients to select a design, review the construction plans, provide input, finalize the budget and costs, and finalizing an agreement to build.

If you are in need of an architect to help design your home, BMH can both recommend and be an active part of the design process.  One of the best ways to ensure that a client’s home meets all of their expectations is to involve the architect, builder, and client when designing the home.

After the design meeting(s), all parties will start working together to develop a set of floor plans.  During this period, the builder and architect will work together on the various selections that are required.  A first draft of the plan will be generated to show the initial plans.  From providing feedback, to making final edits, BMH encourages clients to be actively involved.

Once the client signs off on the draft home design, BMH will provide a detailed quote on the cost of the home. The quote will include specific allowances, from flooring to lighting, particularly allotting for generous considerations in the areas that the BMH design team has learned are important to the client.

The last step in the design phase is to present the client with a builder contract.  The builder contract includes: clear details, specifications, allowance amounts, timelines, and warranty information. The client can also have peace of mind, knowing that BMH will work directly with the lender of your choosing to ensure a smooth financing process.